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 GOD’S MONEY YOUR WEALTH  Recession-Proofing Your Life God’s Way 

Paperback Price: $10.95

This book is written for blended families.  It offers guidance regarding the Godly principles necessary to sustain blended families through the trials that come.  It will prepare you with the only proven tools for successful parenting.  The secret lies in God’s word and His perfect plan for your life and the lives of those entrusted to you.  You will be empowered for success though knowledge of biblical principles and their ability to help you to claim victory over Satan’s attacks on you and your family. 

THE MOMMY-DADDY FACTOR: Blending Your Family God’s Way

Paperback Price: $14.95

Christ in the Workplace will teach you how to claiming victory over workplace trials.  You will come to know the true Employer, Jesus Christ.  Learning to live by his requirements and accept his rewards, will break the hold of the ungodly workplace over you.  Learning to meet his workplace requirements will help you to walk in freedom, efficiency, and success.


Price: $14.95

Mind of a Whore will give you insight into the destruction of sexual sin through the eyes of God.  You will be empowered through knowledge of  God’s word, His warnings, His promises, and His rewards.  You will learn how to stand in the face of evil, fully assured in your purpose, and ready to do battle whenever necessary for the protection of your family from the destruction of sexual sin.

MIND OF A WHORE:  The Quest to Save The Christian Family

Paperback Price: $14.95

This book is a compilation of many revelations, insights, and lessons. It is written from the heart of a warrior who believes that our purpose for enduring abuse and ultimately overcoming that abuse is to help others to claim freedom.  It is with this purpose that I pour out my heart in hopes that you, too, might gain the tools necessary to be free to serve, free to love, free to live.

TOOLKIT FOR BROKEN PEOPLE:  Survival Guide For Victims Of Abuse                             

Paperback Price: $12.95

This book is an invitation to live.  It is an instruction guide for those dealing with addiction.  Its primary goal is to show you that life in obedience to God is so much more than one day at a time.  A 12 step program of righteousness is used to help you to claim freedom from addiction not only for today and tomorrow but for eternity. 

RECOVERY:  More Than One Day At A Time

This book is for those who have broken the bondage of domestic violence over their lives.   It will teach the skills necessary to stay free and get healed and totally restored.

It is also for those still living with an abusive spouse.  The hope is that this book will empower you and that it will help you to see how very much God loves you, wants you to have life, and to have it more abundantly. 


Paperback Price: $10.95

This book is a demonstration of how the “woman with an issue of blood” is so much like many of us.  It illustrates how our own choices can bring pain and destruction into our lives and how choosing God can clear the path for blessings and the fulfillment of our purpose.  This book helps to affirm that Jesus is all we need.


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                                                           THE “I AM” MONOLOGUES 

Paperback Price: $12.95

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As our world deteriorates, so does society's perception of women. This deterioration obscures God's image of femininity, beauty, strength, and success. This poses a significant threat to God's greatest army, the marital unit.
The Diamond Remedy offers relevant and current instructions for a submitted, Christian life. It will help you to interpret God's word as it relates to His image of the virtuous woman and the godly wife. Through an in-depth look at Proverbs 31, you will get intimate with God and His plan and purpose for your life.
The Diamond Remedy will motivate you to operate in the fullness of God and empower you with the tools necessary to build and strengthen your marriage God's way. Through a journey through God's word, you will learn how to love your God, to love yourself, and to love your husband. This trilogy is essential to a successful marriage and a prosperous life.

Paperback Price: $11.95


Sexual sin is ravaging our society at alarming rates. The beauty of love, romance, and sacred sex has been transformed into something casually filthy and ordinary. The consequences of this disregard for Godly sexual parameters are ever present in the rapid deterioration of the body of Christ, the Christian family, and even the innocence of our children.

Let's Do It...Right will empower you to claim victory in the area of sexual sin. You will learn how to enjoy sex God's way. Sacred sex is not only beautiful but fulfilling.

Let's Do It...Right will show you that even in the age of overwhelming perversion, there is hope in Jesus Christ. God has not given up on us! The power of God still heals, redeems, and restores; even today.
We must simply commit to righting the wrongs of this modern age. We must commit to regaining respect for sacred sex even in the age of debilitating sexual sin. We must learn how to "Do It... Right".

Paperback Price: $9.95


THE DIAMOND REMEDY   Hand-crafted By God For Marital Success

 LET’S DO IT… RIGHT !  Sacred Sex in the Age of Perversion

Paperback Price: $9.99

Paperback Price: $12.95

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God's Money Your Wealth will show you what God showed me. Debt is not His will! My heart is that you will learn to trust God's faithfulness and allow Him to prove Himself to you. Through the simple principles so clearly outline in God's word, the Holy Bible, you will learn how to claim the prosperity and financial freedom that God so desperately wants you to have. A recession-proof life can be a reality. A debt-free life is waiting for you. This book will teach you how to claim it, His way.

The “I AM” Monologues takes you on a journey through the lives of everyday people.  These people, who are no different than you and I, have claimed victory over the trials of life through the power of prayer and faith.  Through their victories, God has proven His faithfulness, time and time again.


This book is written with respect to the Great “I AM” and all that He is.  It is giving adoration and admiration where it is due.  It is giving Him the attention and recognition He deserves.  It is recognizing His greatness and that He is all that you are and all that “I AM”.